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Business Technologies By Gweva


Gweva Group Corporation develops its own technologies to meet the demands of different sectors. The key to our success is the powerful research done internally for several years. The potential of our resources is the key to success.

The successful development of the company is largely determined by the quality of the management system, the effectiveness of which nowadays depends on information technology. 

Our main strategy is the internal production of all services, without the need of anyone's recourse.

The Gweva Business Technologies aims to train business management professionals capable of:

  • Managing the development of a company structure;


  • Developing and implementing a strategy for IT infrastructure;


  • Developing and implementing projects on business process reengineering;


  • Developing and maintaining information and e-business systems.


  • Developing the commercial techniques


  • Developing SEO, SEA, SEM strategies


  • Creating powerful sales funnels 


  • Creating energy reserves in case of power failure


  • Managing all our activities 24/7

Virtually all of our data remains secret and all of our internal staff are committed to total dedication to the expansion of Gweva Group Corporation.

With our digital strategies, we are able to develop business in all countries of the world. Gweva has thousands of customers around the world. Every day, our researchers continue their work to continue the expansion of 

Gweva Group Corporation


We want for Gweva Group Corporation a powerful structure and totally different from what exists.

Command Room

Good communication during operations is highly dependable on the efficiency and the type of information transmitted between our different teams.


Gweva Group Corporation has a command room based in a confidential location. It operates 24/7 in total autonomy and directly supervises all the activities of Gweva Group Corporation in the world.

This strategic command room is the heart of the business, since it is able to monitor everything and interact in an immediate time.​

Gweva Leader​​

"It's a success or failure, it all depends on leadership"

Any attempt you make that involves other people will succeed or fail based on leadership.

Gweva Group Corporation is led by a single leader who coordinates and supervises the different objects. Ideas and new projects come from the leader. His team is totally devoted to him on a daily basis.

Every day the leader is able to set up a new project that will be developed very quickly. With the leader of Gweva Group Corporation we are able to produce new products every day, in order to increase the turnover.

The leader is in permanent contact with the command room.

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